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Why the movement matters?

I’ve always believed that you cannot separate your mind from your body during the training.

Your brain is dictating and monitoring every action of your body, making “notes” and drawing maps how the movement is done; what muscles to recruit and what kind of stress-response exercise causes; hormonal fluctuation, microfractures, lactic acid handling, length-tension -relationship, myofascial tissue, visual or vestibular system activation? Just to name a few. ..

By stressing those mechanisms combined with adequate recovery, the improvement should follow eventually of given system.

I have few principles what I have adopted on my mentors and what keep in great value. Here is a couple of those: Jatka lukemista Why the movement matters?

Want to build muscle? Here is how

We have around 650-700 muscles in our body (depending on how you do the math) which are playing different roles of our bodily functions. But what comes to actual serious bone-movers muscles that do the real work, like pecs, delts, lats, glutes, biceps, triceps etc., there are close to 200-300 of those.

And maybe another hundred muscles if you include the fiddly little muscles of the hands and feet and the major facial muscles.

So, you look for building them?

The way our hormones and the immune system responds to training and how they affect muscle growth depends a lot on our nutritional status (quality before quantity), overall stress management and of course, the way we train (intensity, loading parameters, frequency, tempo manipulation, structural balance etc..). Jatka lukemista Want to build muscle? Here is how

Improve your performance by improving your breathing

Working on having better breathing mechanics and a better respiratory system in general, may be the highest priority thing that you can look at because we breathe somewhere around 20,000 – 24,000 times a day.

Your average rest respiration, while sitting etc. falls into 12-14 per minute. If you score higher constantly, there might be time to look reasons for it.

If you breathe incorrectly, it has huge consequences.
So, learning to breathe better can pay off in so many different ways.
Here is a couple of examples: Jatka lukemista Improve your performance by improving your breathing