My experience during many years of working with professional athletes and clients with different goals, to be able to succeed and get long lasting results, I’ve found that there’s one common denominator. It’s patience.

Why?I partly quote Christopher Sommer’s writing in Tim Ferriss  great book Tools of Titans.

Dealing with the temporary frustration of not making progress is an integral part of the path towards excellence. In fact, it is the essential and something that every single elite athlete or successful person has had to learn to deal with.

If the pursuit of excellence was easy, everyone would do it.

In fact, this impatience in dealing with frustration is the primary reason that most people fail to achieve their goals. Unreasonable expectations timewise, resulting in unnecessary frustration, due to a perceived feeling of failure. Achieving the extraordinary is not linear process.

As one of my widely respected and recognized teacher said about his career and gained success: “Has taken 35 years to be overnight success”.


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This same rule applies to studying and learning. You have to do that hard, confusing and frustrating grinding to only found out that you know less than you thought and some things you kept as “the one truth” has now turned nearly upside down.

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But in that same frustration, with patience, in time you find new layers where connect existing knowledge to make it more in-depth.

So, when you hit the brick wall and feel that there’s no way to progress, I encourage you to look back and appreciate what already you’ve achieved. Be proud of yourself and that you have managed to get this far already.


Take a good look on that wall ahead, put fingers into its small cracks and start climbing. You’ll get there where you deserve to be!

Be strong. Be patient. Be relentless.


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