I’ve always believed that you cannot separate your mind from your body during the training.

Your brain is dictating and monitoring every action of your body, making “notes” and drawing maps how the movement is done; what muscles to recruit and what kind of stress-response exercise causes; hormonal fluctuation, microfractures, lactic acid handling, length-tension -relationship, myofascial tissue, visual or vestibular system activation? Just to name a few. ..

By stressing those mechanisms combined with adequate recovery, the improvement should follow eventually of given system.

I have few principles what I have adopted on my mentors and what keep in great value. Here is a couple of those:


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The Form Principle:

Don’t let weight or movement control you, you are in charge. So don’t get too obsessed with how much weight you’re pushing, pulling or lifting. Focus on good form and concentrate on where the movement should feel and keep your form as clean as possible.

Good biomechanics keep you safe from unnecessary injuries. And hey! You won’t impress any girl or guy by pushing too heavy weight and dislocating shoulder or sprain your hamstring. Unless the target is a nurse. ;)

The principle of Variation:

If you do the same thing with the same routine over and over again, you will stay the same. Change volume, intensity, tempo, training frequency etc. Go out from your comfort zone time to time and don’t get stuck on the same routine.

The principle of Work Hard, Rest Hard:

If you are like me, you get hyped up to push yourself to the limit to get good dopamine flow but not to burn out, you definitely need to teach yourself how to cool down too.

If you burn your flame hard, you have to feed the flame with recovering and re-feeding at least as hard you stressed it. Otherwise your didn’t do any good.

The principle of Sensory before Motor:

Mikko on yksi maamme kokeneimmista personal trainereista, SaiPan fysiikkavalmentaja ja roisin huumorin omaava Trainer4You kouluttaja.

This means of how you feel and interpret the movement and environment. Does your brain understand the input to make good output through different sensory systems? If you are an athlete of any kind, you definitely need to understand this to get you to the elite level.

Make your movement matter to you!


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