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Do you love helping others to get in shape? Live your dream and succeed as a personal trainer.

Every year participants across different age groups and backgrounds take part in the Trainer4You Personal trainer course. They have in common at least two things: love for exercise and the passion to help people to get into better shape. Trainer4You Personal trainer course is based on the world’s leading training standards set by EuropeActive and the extensive knowledge of our network of professionals on the field.
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Learn during the weekends through our workshops

Trainer4You Personal trainer course consists of three units: wellness coach, gym instructor and the personal trainer unit. The last two units also include a theoretical and a practical exam. A large majority of all participants choose our personal trainer course that includes all three of our major training units in one bundle. The total length of the personal trainer course is nine months.

Trainer4You Personal trainer course gives you full capabilities to become a professional personal trainer.

Trainer4You Personal trainer course consists of nine classroom workshops and online self-study content. During the second workshop you will begin working with a practice client, whose personal trainer you will be throughout the remainder of the Personal trainer course. At this point you will start billing clients for the first time.

  • 1st period
  • 2nd period
  • 3rd period
  • 4th period
  • 5th period
  • 6th period
  • 7th period
  • 8th period
  • 9th period

Trainer4You Wellness Coach course

  • Part 1: Components of wellbeing
  • Part 2: Road to results
  • Part 3: Resistance training - anatomy
  • Part 4: Basics of resistance training
  • Part 5: Endurance of heart rate based exercise
  • Part 6: Basics of mobility exercise
  • Part 7: What is nutrition?

Trainer4You Gym instructor course, Period 1.

  • Part 1: Objectives of resistance training
  • Part 2: Aim of resistance training
  • Part 3: Ingredients of resistance training
  • Part 4: Different forms of strength
  • Part 5: Motivational guidance
  • Part 6: Resistance training methods
  • Part 7: Gym program
  • Part 8: Resistance training - dividing a program
  • Part 9: Functional training

Trainer4You Gym instructor course, Period 2.

  • Part 1: Looking after your mobility
  • Part 2: Efficient resistance training
  • Part 3: High blood pressure
  • Part 4: Diabetes
  • Part 5: Pregnancy and exercise
  • Part 6: Nutrition for gym instructor

Trainer4You Personal trainer course, Period 1.

  • Part 1: Personal training as a profession
  • Part 2: General anatomy
  • Part 3: Shoulder joint
  • Part 4: Elbow joint
  • Part 5: Spine
  • Part 5: Hip joint
  • Part 6: Knee joint
  • Part 7: Ankle joint

Trainer4You Personal trainer course, Period 2.

  • Part 1: Foundations of endurance training
  • Part 2: Cardiovascular system
  • Part 3: Physiology of endurance training
  • Part 4: Training sequence

Trainer4You Personal trainer course, Period 3.

  • Part 1: Mobility and muscle maintenance
  • Part 2: Periodization
  • Part 3: Recovery
  • Part 4: Goal achiever

Trainer4You Personal trainer course, Period 4.

  • Part 1: Nutrition - Pre-tasks
  • Part 2: Nutrition - Introduction
  • Part 3: Nutrition in health promotion
  • Part 4: Weight loss
  • Part 5: Toning and muscle building
  • Part 6: Nutrition and health-enhancing physical activity
  • Part 7: Nutrition in preventing and treating diseases

Trainer4You Personal trainer course, period 5.

  • Part 1: Basics of productisation, sales & marketing of personal training services
  • Part 2: Operational environment in personal training
  • Part 3: Sales of personal training services
  • Part 4: Building an action plan

Trainer4You Personal trainer course, Period 6.

  • Part 1: Healing process
  • Part 2: Functional anatomy of the spine
  • Part 3: Kinetic chain of the lower limbs
  • Part 4: Shoulder

Study during the weekends – even while working.

Studying at Trainer4You is easy with course workshops that are held during the weekends. Course workshops are available in Oulu, Jyväskylä, Espoo, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa, Lappeenranta and Joensuu, so finding a location that suits you is easy. We offer you excellent online study capabilities via the Trainer4You Account, with always up-to-date study material that is available for your use even after graduation.

Quality guaranteed by the world’s best training standards.

Trainer4You Personal trainer course is based on the world’s leading training standards set by EuropeActive and the extensive knowledge of our network of professionals on the field. EuropeActive as a roof organization represents the whole of the European health and fitness sector and supervises the quality of fitness and wellness training courses as well as takes part in legislative decision-making. Learn more about EuropeActive by clicking the EuropeActive logo below.

Course feedback tells it all: 98% satisfaction rate.

We actively collect feedback about our courses and instructors. Our principle is to constantly develop and improve our service and material, where the voice of our participants is crucial. The feedback of 2014 showed that 98% (492 out of 502) of our participants felt that Trainer4You Personal trainer course met their needs.

Trainer4You instructors are top of the line.

Our instructors are proven experts in the field of personal training. They will support you during your studies, as well as after graduation. You will also be surrounded by a constantly growing community of Trainer4You personal trainers who help and support you to reach your full potential.

  • Ari-Pekka Lindberg
  • Janne Pollanen
  • Juha Karhu
  • Liina Sievers
  • Mikael Witick
  • Mikko Paunonen
  • Mikko Vesterinen
  • Toni Sallila
  • Lasse Seppänen
  • Samppa Jaakola
  • Sofia Vesa
  • Maaria Mäkitervo
  • Jerry Hietaniemi
  • Mikko Törmälehto
  • Meri-Sisko Mäkinen
  • Samuli Mäenpää
  • Mikko Nummenmaa
  • Kirsi Vaulamo
  • Eerik Jortikka
  • Niina Salonen
  • Reija Männikkö
  • Petra Rautakallio
Read more about our instructors

Read more about our instructors on this page.

What do people say about us?

  • ”We at Diacor want to be forerunners in promoting health and wellness. The Personal trainer course turned our physiotherapists into professionals in both fitness and wellness, which helps us meet the needs of our individual and corporate clients better than ever. We chose Trainer4You due to their experience, practical knowledge and because of their ability to turn services into profitable products.”

    — Helka Moilanen, Head of Development in Work-Physiotherapy at Diacor
  • ”Use of the Revolution concept helped us greatly boost the sales of our personal training services. Our trainers now have a clear operating model and the contents of our training services have made our clients extremely satisfied. I highly recommend Trainer4You!”

    — Kati Rapo, Entrepreneur, EasyFit Vaasa
  • ”I was amazed, impressed and happy to be able to gain such an amount new knowledge. I received new tools to improve my everyday work, client guidance as well as my own workout routines. I also got new business ideas on how to turn my services into products while gaining plenty of good business contacts. I was especially impressed by the expertise of the instructors at Trainer4You.”
    — Jarno Härkönen, Entrepreneur
  • ”Each of the Trainer4You lecturers were highly qualified, each on their own right. There was an immense amount of information to be learned in each period of the course, but the inspiring and functional way of presentation made the learning process very comfortable. Although studying while working can be demanding, the more I learned the more qualified I wanted to become. That’s why after the Personal trainer course I enrolled to become a Trainer4You Nutrition coach. ”

    — Sanna Repo, personal trainer, hairdresser

Trainer4You Personal trainer course starting at 103 €/month*

Duration: 9 classroom workshops; 9 months.

= Super early bird price 3345 € (registration 3 months before start)
= Early bird 2 price 3445 euroa (registration 2 months before start)
= Early bird 1 price 3545 euroa (registration 1 months before start)
Stantard price for the course is 3645 € (if you pay in one installment, you get 5% discount).

*Price based on Svea Ekonomi payment plan. Read more.

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Training start date Location Training title See more details
16.10.2021 Espoo, Trainer4You (Technopolis, Innopoli 1) Personal trainer course in English, Espoo 16.10.2021-19.6.2022 More details, pre-registration benefit available until 18.07.2021

= Ennakkoilmoittautujan etu: Ilmoittautumalla koulutukseen 3 kk ennen koulutuksen alkua, saat ennakkoilmoittautujan etuna vapaavalintaisen verkkokurssin kaupan päälle.